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All year round sun and weather protection

Whoever wants to use their terrace in any weather and does not want to pack away their garden furniture and barbecue in the winter has made the right choice with a glass roof system. The sturdy aluminium structure with integrated glazed roof (laminated safety glass) and optional shading unit combine to give you effective weather protection. Your furniture on the terrace will be protected from rain and snow for years into the future. In winter or overcast days light steams unhindered through the glazed roof into the interior of the building. This is a significant advantage in comparison to fixed canopies (e.g. made of concrete or wood) and improves quality of life.

Additional extras such as a vertical front shade, a privacy screen or atmospheric lighting can be built in as required. The standard electric drive ensures easy use and can be automated via various control systems.

NYON PLUS GP4100 | GP4200

Glasdachsysteme – NYON GP4100 | Sonnenschutz und Wetterschutz mit STOBAG
Glasdachsysteme – NYON GP4100 | Sonnenschutz und Wetterschutz mit STOBAG

The NYON PLUS is a glass roof system which has been simplified down to its key elements. A lot of work has been done to keep its rafters as slim as possible to allow an obstructed view of the outside world. Moreover, the ingenious modular design allows you to add shading systems, glazing, or LED lighting at any time, giving you plenty of options for modifying the system to your own preferences or on-site alterations. Drainage ducts and electricity supply lines for the shading systems are integrated discreetly in the system’s simple design.

NYON PLUS GP4100 | GP4200:

*min. 50 cm
max. 2400 cm
min. 1' 8''
max. 78' 9''
*min. 100 cm
**max. 550 cm
min. 3' 3'' 
max. 18' 1''
* see ARNEX PS2500 | PS8000
**GP4100 max. 450 cm


Functionality meets aesthetics. The NYON GP3100 is an attractive glass roof system that is reduced to the essentials. The rafters are very narrow to ensure an undisturbed view of the surroundings. The well-thought-out modular system enables flexible expansion with shades, glazing, LED spots or LED strips. This allows you to customize the NYON to suit your needs and the local conditions. Water drains and cable ducts are invisible and compliment the simple design. A wide range of fixing options ensures that the glass roof can be easily integrated into various construction situations. The NYON GP3100 expands our living area a little further outside. Pure enjoyment of life in any weather and in all seasons.


Technical data

NYON GP3100:

min. 100 cm
*max. 600 cm
min. 3' 3''
max. 19' 8''
min. 100 cm
max. 400 cm
min. 3' 3'' 
max. 13' 1''
* koppelbar bis 24 m

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